Geology & Drill Report

A Geology & Drill Report has been completed for the property by Industrial Minerals Developments Inc., Mr. Frederic C. Johnson, P.G., Geologist, P.O. Box 790111, #2 Dalton Wash Road, Virgin, Utah 84779. The estimates exist of 258 million tons of high-grade Class N Pozzolan reserves in Site A, and greater reserves in adjacent Site B.

ASTM Testing

Completed by Resource Materials Testing Inc., 24 Fine Drive, Murphy, N.C. 28906). Robert L. Smith, PH.D. This material meets the requirements of ASTM C618 for the parameters tested. Blaine Fineness, cm2/g = 7,060 **Recent samples testing from potential clients have achieved excellent results.

Assay Testing

Assay testing was completed by ALS Geochemistry Global, 4977 Energy Way, Reno, NV

Environmental Study

The First Phase of the required Environmental Study has been completed by Stantec Environmental Services, Bakersfield, California. The Second Phase is now underway with Stantec.

Mining Permit

The required Mining Permit application is currently underway with Inyo County and the Bureau of Land Management. A mine site plan is complete. Mining for pozzolan was done on this site and the product was used in the Los Angeles aqueduct system in the early 1900s.